Scaling and Root Planing

    Plaque and calculus are removed from root and crown surfaces. This can be utilized as a pre-surgical procedure or in the treatment of periodontal disease.

    Full Mouth Debridement

    Subgingival and/or supragingival calculus and plaque are cleared away in this process. The need for other procedures is not prevented by this procedure.

    Periodontal Maintenance

    This is for individuals who have had prior treatment for periodontal disease. Beginning after the active periodontal therapy, periodontal maintenance continues for the life of the dentition, at intervals determined by the particular case.

    Procedures may include: removal of supra and subgingival microbial fiber and calculus, site specific scaling and root planning, and teeth polishing. If periodontal disease emerges again, other procedures (diagnostic and treatment) may be utilized.

    Local Antibiotic Treatment

    Use of topically applied antibiotic medications (e.g. minocycline, doxicycline, chlorhexidine) via a timed release delivery system , placed directly into infected periodontal pockets. Usually prescribed for patients who have undergone traditional periodontal treatment, as an additional way of controlling the bacteria and/or tissue-destructive enzymes that cause periodontal disease.

    Most dispensing systems have been developed to treat individual periodontal pockets; however the procedure itself is often reported on a per tooth basis—an unfortunate circumstance that may cause confusion and controversy.

    Occlusal Adjustments

    The occlusal teeth surfaces are reshaped to produce harmonious contact relationships between the maxillary and mandibular teeth. Also referred to as equilibrium.

    Occlusal Guards

    An occlusal guard is a device (usually made of hard acrylic) worn over either the upper or lower teeth for three main reasons: To protect the teeth against cracking and abnormal wear from clenching or grinding; to reduce contraction forces in the chewing muscles; and to protect the jaw joints from excessive forces that can produce pain and dysfunction.

    Occlusal guards are usually prescribed for patients who have signs/symptoms of increased bite stress, including abnormal tooth wear; pain, fatigue or tenderness in the chewing muscles; pain, popping, clicking or locking in the jaw joints.                                                                                   

    Growth-Factor Enhanced Matrix

    Biologic materials may be used alone or with other regenerative substrates such as bone and barrier membranes, depending upon their formulation and the presentation of the periodontal defect. This procedure does not include surgical entry and closure, wound debridement, osseous contouring, or the placement of graft materials and/or barrier membranes.


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